Belts allow the transmission with the drag of force of the turning elements of the engine, such as the alternator, the fan, the water pump, the air conditioning compressor, etc.

KSH Europe belts meet a guaranteed quality level equivalent to the first original equipment.
They are made of EPDM material, which guarantees great durability and resistance even in extreme temperatures (from -30ºC to 120ºC), avoiding noise and deformation.

They are manufactured through a complex automation process, complying with a rigorous quality control of the raw materials used, in which specific mechanical and electrical tests are carried out to guarantee a long life cycle in any environmental condition of rain, corrosion or temperature, as well as an easy product assembly.

We have two different types of belts :

- V type : 3PK, 4PK, 5PK, 6PK and 7PK

- Trapezoidal : 9.5 (10KSM) and 12.5 (13KSM)

You can consult the complete list of available references and their technical specifications in our  Belts Catalogue.

You will also be able to easily find the right references for the main models and brands of European and Asian vehicles using our ONLINE SEARCH ENGINE below.
The complete KSH Europe spare parts range is also available in TecAlliance (TecDoc).