The company NER-TOR, since its constitution, has presented its services in the automotive parts and accessories market, always offering its seriousness and its product and service quality as a priority argument in its offer.

The objective of our company's quality policy is to consolidate this reality, always improving service and attention to the requirements of our customers, and to those of the current legislation.

Likewise, one of our main objectives is to especially monitor the satisfaction of our clients and the resolution of all those incidents that may arise in our business relationship.

When choosing NER-TOR, our customers can be sure to finding a reliable response from the first contact to the end of the process.

To achieve this reliability, the company defines the following points as priorities:

    1.       Consolidate our presence in the market as a supplier of automotive spare parts and accessories.

    2.       Introduce the appropriate technical means to increase our service capacity.

    3.       Apply the continuous training of the personnel as an essential way to maintain and increase our competitiveness.

    4.       Optimize the costs derived from each of our processes to increase our profitability and efficiency.

    5.       Minimize occupational risks and improve the work environment to achieve a good work environment.

    6.       Minimize the impact on the environment of our processes, preventing environmental pollution.

    7.       Analyze the processes & the management system continuously and with reference to indicators, applying concepts and tools based on continuous improvement.

The Quality System has been developed under the direction and supervision of the company's management and has its full support. All the details of the policies, procedures and practical details are described in the Quality Manual, the Procedures Manual and in its work instructions in a simple and dynamic way.

Although the coordination and execution of the necessary actions for Quality assurance is delegated to the person in charge, the ultimate responsibility for obtaining it rests with Management, which is why we guarantee the human, technical and financial means necessary to achieve them.


Juan Torner Blasco

Managing Director